Hi Friends,

When my friend (and fellow SWS instructor), Chris Haddad,
asked me if I’d test out his product called, “Text Your Wife
Into Bed”
I didn’t know whether to laugh or take a swing at him.

Turns out he wasn’t kidding — at all.

The product is now complete and selling like tequila
Popsicles in a Mexican dessert.

Listen to this stunning interview I just did
with Chris (rife with filthy language, so clear out the
kiddies and prudes) where you’ll hear…

— Why he created a product for married dudes looking to
hook up with their own wives (instead of the more obvious
market of young horny dudes)…

— Which sneaky tactic he’s using to get even the most ego-
driven men to admit they could use a little help in the sex

— Why the idea of texting is way more titillating than talking
(or even whispering) your wife into bed…

— The psychology of “value-building” with relevant price
comparisons (vs. the ridiculous ones you see so often)…

— The surprising result of Chris’s recent test of a shorter
video (and what that means to your product sales)…

PLUS… how he got his intimacy-deprived friends mauled by
their sex-crazed wives the minute they walked in the door after
a late night out with the boys…

… and how it feels to get slapped across the face by John Carlton.


Check out the Text Your Wife Into Bed sales video.

As always, comments condoned.

Speak your mind,