Tell me if this one rings a bell…

You kick royal ass on a project for a client…

You get paid on time (great).

You get a virtual high five for your excellent work (cool).

And a friendly “see you on the next one” to close out the deal.

Ok, nice. Feels good. Everything went well. 
On with life you go with another happy client in the queue. 

Then, a few months later, you see this SAME client posting that they are “looking for a copywriter” for a new project!

(tire skid) WTF!

You’re like, “Uh. Hello! You HAVE a copywriter. Remember? We did a thing, you loved the work, you said ‘we’ll do it again’.”

So, now you’re in the awkward spot of deciding whether you chalk this up to an entrepreneurial brainfart and reach out with a friendly reminder of your recent love affair.

Or, do you assume they remember you just fine, but are choosing to “go a different way” this time?

Or WORSE, they decidedly do not want to work with you again and were lying about liking your work the first time?

Tom Petty claimed The Waiting is the hardest part, but
for freelancers in this spot, it’s
The Fading

Fading is when you’re not quite being ghosted because there was no active negotiation, but there was an IMPLIED and ASSUMED future negotiation and now that person is clearly moving on without you.

Sucks. Mostly because you’re left to wonder WTF?… Why The Fading?

So, how do you stop this from happening?

It comes down to becoming “indispensable” to your client. 





I love that simple definition:
absolutely necessary.

Imagine your clients in a financial planning meeting… 

The CEO says, “Okay, what is absolutely necessary for us to grow our business?”

“Well…” one voice quickly says, “[Insert your name here] is one thing for sure. Without them providing X, we’d be losing X fast.”

How great is that? Compared to being way down on that list, or not even considered on that list? 

If you can’t immediately fill in the “X” spots in that statement: the thing you provide of indispensable value that brings your client a measurable reward… 

… then you don’t yet have “gig security”.

My friend Casey Stanton gave a killer training recently in Copy Chief on how to become so valuable to your client they consider your service a “total no brainer” even when you’re charging top dollar. 

It’s called: No Brainer 90-Day Retainers and it’s available now to members of Copy Chief (if you’re not yet a member, good time to use your 30 day no-risk trial and scoop up this training!)

Fits perfectly into my mission to end freelancer frustration (and fading).

I’ll look for you there.


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