I’ve got two teenagers (15 and 17) who are preparing to take on the world, so I think a lot about what I can give them to make the journey ahead a little less treacherous. 

Sure, I welcome all the ass-kickings they surely will endure – and survive – because wisdom from experience is the most valuable kind. 

(“Oh shit, that lie I told caused me to tell several other lies until I was caught in my own web of lies. Lying sucks!”)

However, I’d love for them to avoid major setbacks due to uncertainty – or even plain ignorance – about how to recognize good risk from bad risk… 

… establish some personal character traits to consider “non-negotiable” (in themselves and others)… 

… and learn how to create momentum in their lives and careers. 

Both my kids have independent spirits and strong ideas about how they want to live. 

They value the freedom to travel, work creatively, and seek opportunity over traditional “career paths”. 

They’ve both been a part of all three Copy Chief Live events where they met many colorful people doing inspired work for great pay. 

They’ve been in on the decisions my wife and I make about how to invest, and we’ve discussed the pros and cons of entrepreneurship versus a “job job”.

So, yes, they’re sold on the concept of freelancing and business ownership. But, like any person who feels the call of independence in their bones… 

The question of what exactly do I DO to start earning money and actually achieve a career is a daunting question with lots of potential answers.  

(Not to mention, an invisible army of internet pickpockets waiting to manipulate your innocent enthusiasm into dream-dampening schemes.) 


So, here, in 3 minutes are the 3 freelancing tactics I would teach my kids if I only had 3 days…


I hope it helps…

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