We’ve just opened up a very few spots in my Freelancer’s Journey Accelerator coaching program. 

Accelerator is my mid-level coaching program where twice a month I host a call and give you 1-1 advice and action plans for…

  • Resolving tricky client issues
  • Raising your fees
  • Specializing your services
  • Connecting with copy-centric companies looking to hire
  • Blasting past limiting mindset traps 
  • Gaining respect and recognition in the industry

And any other complex issue that can detain or derail an otherwise smooth-running freelance career. 

This program is by invite only… so, if you’ve been searching for a mentor, and you jibe with my style of coaching, you are welcome to apply here.

Before you apply though…

I’d like to help you decide if this is the right coaching for you, and show you how my coaching programs are different from others out there…

How to solve ANY freelancing problem
– for good – in ten minutes or less 

There are five ways that my Accelerator Freelancer coaching program is very different from others (even though they all seem to be called “accelerators”)…


Difference #1: Experience. When you and I are in a 1-1 coaching session on one of our group calls, I am 100% dedicated to solving your issue before the timer hits ten minutes.

After fifteen years in the freelancing game (closer to 25 if you count my decade in stand-up comedy) and coaching freelancers formally since 2014, I’ve literally worked through every issue we encounter as freelancers, both personally and as a coach.

However, that does NOT mean that your personal circumstance is less than unique. It IS unique because of YOU. The way you process information, the way you work best, your schedule, your needs, your goals… all amount to your unique situation and deserve a PRESCRIPTIVE solution.

So, while I’ve solved just about all the issues for many different people, I consider every aspect of your current reality in helping you design a plan to move past your particular sticking points.

For instance, a newly divorced parent switching careers has a completely different reality than an eager 24-yr-old who lives alone with his cat. 

So, IMO, any coach who tells you your problems aren’t unique is not dedicated to helping YOU actually achieve the result you need. They just think everyone should stop complaining and do what they do to “crush it.”

Not my style.


Difference #2: Prescriptive Curriculum. Once we’ve had our “hot seat” and come up with a plan of action to move you forward, I will point you to a very specific lesson from one of our premier coaching programs (which Accelerator members have full access to).

We’ve broken these lessons down to their essence, so you only need to watch the part that gives you the tools to move forward. 

Sort of like a caring medical specialist prescribing the exact medicine you need, instead of a general practitioner tossing around routine pills and advice without ever looking you in the eye. 

So, now you have the prescription and the “medicine” to turn your situation around.

These training programs on their own sell for thousands of dollars, but you get access to them and our live coaching for one price. 


Difference #3: Daily Coaching. Let’s face it, experienced as I am, if you were only getting advice and guidance from me, that would be too limiting. 

That’s why we have co-coaches assigned to every member in Accelerator

Who are these “co-coaches”? 

That’s the best part, because quite honestly, any one of the co-coaches in Accelerator could easily thrive leading their own coaching programs.

Melanie, Angie, and Rachel are each uniquely qualified to teach from their own super-successful (and very active) careers in freelancing.

They’ve served as copy chiefs at high level direct response companies and run their own businesses… They create their own offers, write books, host podcasts, travel the world working nomadically, raise children, lead families, and are world class at coaching freelancers to lean into their unique superpowers because they’ve all been wildly successful at developing (and re-developing) their own. 

Our coaches are in the private forum every day to answer your questions and guide you through the next steps of growing your business. And if you’d rather hop on a call and chat, they also hold live, open mic, office hours to talk through anything you need. (BTW, the calls are not something I asked them to do, they just like helping THAT much!)

So, now you’ve got the prescription, the tools, and the coaching to put them to use and get results. That’s really all you need, but it gets better…


Difference #4: Amazing community of “doers”. The key to getting personal growth is not just training and coaching, it’s community. 

When you are immersed in a culture where people like you are chasing similar goals, and pushing through roadblocks to get there, you naturally become more confident and capable of achieving the same. 

All the magic of Accelerator takes place in a private club forum inside of the Copy Chief member community where the other members share their Wins, Challenges, and Boosts with weekly progress journals where everyone roots each other on to overcome hiccups and celebrate victories.

We also have voluntary accountability groups where Accelerators tap into the power of public accountability to stay on track with things like posting authority content more regularly, raising fees, creating new offers, and other things we too often put off without a push. 

Many lifelong friendships and even business partnerships have evolved organically between the members of Accelerator. 


Difference #5: Access to the best opportunities. Every week I get requests from major players in marketing to introduce them to copywriters. 

Same with the co-coaches.  

By nature, we recommend the people we know best. And for us, that is the members of Accelerator.

We’re working with you every day to define your specialty and produce your best work for clients (and your own products)… so, it only makes sense that when these requests come in, we choose names at the top of our “mental Rolodex”. 

I want to be clear that I never guarantee leads, and you should not apply if that is your ONLY motivation. Because in my experience, people who are only looking for leads do not engage as much with the coaching and therefore (ironically) would be less likely to get a referral over another member.   

However, if you are an engaged member of the group and we’ve uncovered your best specialty together… it’s very likely that having access to our “private stash” of hot leads will be a big benefit of joining. 

We’ve connected Accelerators with multiple high-dollar retainer gigs over the last year and a half and the word is out that this group is the place to connect with the best copywriters. 

So, there you go…


To summarize: Of all the coaching groups using the name “Accelerator”, ours is best if you want personal, prescriptive, actionable guidance, support and coaching (and possibly leads) to make big positive changes in your freelance career – super fast. 

If this sounds like what you need, then I’d love for you to apply right here.

After you tell a bit about what you’ve been up to, and where you want to go next, Lolita, our community manager will reach out to you via email and answer any questions you have about the program. 

No BS, high-pressure sales stuff with us. We want to make sure you are a great fit for the program, and us for you. 

If so, I’ll be excited to talk with you on an upcoming coaching call and watch you tally up some big wins in Accelerator

I know, for me, without the coaching I got from my mentors like John Carlton, Dean Jackson, James Schramko and others, I’d have remained lost and frustrated just like I did in my previous career. 

I’d love to help you avoid all that unnecessary stress and agony so you can have an amazing work life without compromising your personal life. 

Relationships, opportunities, and experiences are the lifeblood of a well-lived life. If you’re ready for an upgrade, we’re ready to help. 

Talk soon.


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PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”

PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”
PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”
100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email

100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email

100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email