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Ep 98: Selling Through Case Studies with Brian McCarthy

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Ep 98: Selling Through Case Studies with Brian McCarthy

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In This Episode

You know the value of having PROOF.

But are you using it as effectively as you could?

These days, it’s not enough to simply present quotes from happy customers.

Getting your readers to happily part ways with their hard-earned money means you need to overcome the doubts and fear about your product not working.

So how do you present your customers as a Hero (while overcoming objections about your product) when you’ve got 5 minutes or less to do it?

In this new episode of Copy Chief Radio, Brian McCarthy shares his method for creating short, sales-boosting case studies that present your customers as a Hero.

Note: These are not your standard “I was dead broke, and now I’m rich!” case studies. This is powerful and dynamic proof… carefully designed to fill in the gaps between where your reader is now, and how your product gets them where they want to be.

Brian identified 3 elements most people overlook in their case studies…

  1. Taking your readers through the transformational process
  2. Building up to the BIG result using specific moments
  3. Establishing the goal at the start

Go learn the 3 critical elements your case study is missing, and how to use it in your marketing so it moves prospects closer to the buying decision.


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