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Ep 97: Avoid These Copywriter Career Killers with Angie Colee

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Ep 97: Avoid These Copywriter Career Killers with Angie Colee

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In This Episode

If communication is the key to a good client-copywriter relationship…

Then your ability to communicate well determines your level of success.

That’s why I brought on my good friend Angie Colee. Angie is our lead Ambassador in the Copy Chief community, and it’s not an exaggeration to say she gives life-changing advice to our new freelancers.

In the interview, Angie sums up why there are shifty relationships between copywriters and clients in the industry…

“Almost every adversarial situation that I’ve heard of between client and copywriter comes down to a communication breakdown.”

She and I have been working closely to help copywriters and clients do great work together. As a result, we learned some important lessons about how copywriters get in their own way of success.

So in this episode, Angie shares a few common mistakes new AND mid-level copywriters make that hold them back from winning the gigs with “the good clients”.

Other “Can’t-Miss” Moments:

  • Freelancers: How to communicate with your client so they know where the project is at, what problems you have, and what you need to get the project done
  • Business Owners: What you should expect from a copywriter and how to help your copywriter do his or her best work


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