Ep 96: Breaking Down Big Ideas Behind Million Dollar Ad Campaigns (with an All Star Copy Panel)

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In This Episode

Wanna know the fastest way to become an in-demand copywriter?

It’s learning to break down the copy to its essence.

If you can break it down (and understand the WHY behind the copy) then you know what it takes to write the kind of copy no perfect prospect can resist reading.

This week’s episode of Copy Chief Radio is different. I’m sharing a clip from a Mastermind I attended a few weeks back with my friend and mentor, John Carlton.

I had my trusty John Carlton swipe file with me, and thought…

What if we took Carlton’s ads and broke apart the Big Idea so people can see the Big Idea in action?

So that’s exactly what we did. And here’s what it means for you…

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to sit with copywriters of the highest level, breaking down copy in real time, then stop what you’re doing and hit play…

You’ll be glad you did.


Download the episode here


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