CCR Ep 95: Big Deck Copywriting (with Elin Marie)

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In This Episode

The most important copy you write is that which the prospect sees first.

We call that “deck copy” because it stacks up like a deck at the top of the webpage…

… or “above the fold” copy, which is a term from journalism to describe squeezing the juiciest headlines into page 1 above the folded paper.

That’s the part that peered through the paper box window and sold the paper to passers-by.

Same thing is happening when an online visitor passes by your ad or landing page today…

They’re busy, distracted, and looking for any reason to NOT stop and care.

Your message is the enemy.

That’s why your deck needs to be the strongest copy you write. Otherwise, the whole ad goes limp and dies.

However, it can’t just be screaming Hype. Your deck also has to tell your prospect something new that they haven’t heard before.

To examine the power of a well constructed deck and what needs to go into it, I brought back one of the best working copywriters I know: Elin Marie.

Elin writes copy packages for big publishers like Agora, in one of the most competitive markets on earth; alternative health.

In this episode, we discuss how to find the hook that will give your deck copy it’s power…

Then how to carry that hook below “the fold” and through the entire ad using a perfectly crafted story.

Finally, how to sequence your copy so your reader or viewer stays with you every second of the way. All the way to the buy now button.

Grab your tool belt and let’s build an impressive deck your prospects won’t be able to resist.


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