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CCR094: Should you charge hourly or project rates? (with John Hays)

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CCR094: Should you charge hourly or project rates? (with John Hays)

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In This Episode

One of the biggest points of confusion for clients looking to hire a copywriter, and freelance copywriters looking to charge a fair price for their services.

Look, there’s no a la carte menu we can all abide by when it comes to pricing.

Many factors contribute to how you price a project… what you bring to the project, your years of experience, your availability on your calendar.

Part of being a freelancer is valuing your service based on what’s fair to you and your situation.

So in this episode, John Hays is here to talk about why charging per hour is not fair to the client, and why charging per project creates a win-win for you and the client.

Can’t-Miss Moments:

  • How copywriters self-sabotage their own services by offering hour rates (and how to reframe your thinking around “per hour”)
  • What you’re paying for when you hire a copywriter (Hint: It’s a lot more than just words on a page)
  • The right times and situations you SHOULD charge by the hour


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