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Ep 83: Building your authority as a freelancer (even if you’re new-ish) with Melanie Warren

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Ep 83: Building your authority as a freelancer (even if you’re new-ish) with Melanie Warren

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In This Episode

Establishing credible authority in your marketplace as a freelancer is one of the most powerful ways to fast track your career.

Thing is, this whole “stepping up as an authority” comes standard with a lot of head trash.

One of the most common mental hurdles is getting over the idea that someone’s already taught the stuff before you. (Plus, you might even find yourself “stranded on an island” feeling isolated in your expertise.)

So, how do you quickly overcome the common head trash traps so you finally find YOUR perfect audience?

Freelance copywriter, “9 Buyer System” creator, and RFL co-coach Melanie Warren returns to the show today. We discuss the common mental obstacles freelancers face choosing a niche and building client-attracting authority.

Melanie has written for over 25 niches (yes, 25) over the last three years… so she knows a thing or two about overcoming the initial friction when you’re starting out in a new market.

In this episode, Melanie shows you how to quickly slam the brakes on the head trash around building your authority as a freelancer… and how you can partner with the kind of people you actually WANT working with you.

“Can’t-Miss” Moments:

  • The easiest, fastest way to start building authority as a freelancer… without all the confidence-killing head trash—even if you’ve got no clue what niche to choose.
  • The single biggest thing Melanie learns writing in more than 25 different niches over 3 years… and why you’re likely over thinking choosing a market.
  • How much expertise do you REALLY need to position yourself as an authority… without all the self-doubt? (You’ll wanna hear Melanie’s surprising take on the truth about “authority”… and how you can quickly get over “yo bad self” and prosper.)


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