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[CCR] Ep 80: Can Your Passion Hobby Be Your Business? (Case study with Craig Beckta)

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[CCR] Ep 80: Can Your Passion Hobby Be Your Business? (Case study with Craig Beckta)

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In This Episode

The single biggest challenge for marketers selling expertise is how much to give away for free… without blowing the sale by giving away the farm.

Reality is, it’s a fine line between building goodwill with upfront value… and getting carried away with teaching too much.

So… how do you build goodwill through giving, prove your authority in your space… AND leave ample room for your paid content to generate revenue for your business?

Today I’ve got veteran internet marketer and photography specialist Craig Beckta on the show. Craig is one of our “model” business owners inside Copy Chief.

He’s one of the marketers who consistently post what they’re working on for feedback… then actually go and put the stuff to work.

Using feedback and critiques, Craig’s photography business blew up from 0.5% conversions in the beginning… to a staggering 22% on a front-end product (with a membership upsell converting at 39%!)

As Craig explains in the interview, when you’re too close to your offer as a business owner, you can quickly forget about the marketing fundamentals that’ll boost your sales…

… so you’ve got to put your ego aside and get some more eyeballs on your stuff. There’s almost always a sales-killing blind spot a fellow marketer or copywriter can quickly spot FOR you.  

In this episode, Craig reveals how he got big boosts in conversions using the feedback he got inside Copy Chief… and how you can quickly turn your hobby into a profit-producing lifestyle biz. (You’ll wanna hear how Craig canned a failing Guitar business and flipped it all around to build a thriving photography site.)

“Can’t-Miss” Moments:

  • The ONE thing Craig tweaked in his funnel that shot up his conversions from 0.5% to 22% on the front-end… without a bigger budget or “funnel hacking.”
  • The “separation” tactic Craig uses to give away valuable, goodwill-building content… without killing the sale giving away too much. (Do this and your prospects can’t help but WANT more of your paid stuff.)
  • Craig: “You’ve gotta nail the _____ first, THEN worry about how good your copy is.” (And why even great copy won’t save you if you’ve missed the mark on this. Hint: it’s not your prospect’s “primary desire”.)


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