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Ep 66: The Hidden Selling Power Of Meme Marketing with Austin Lee

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Ep 66: The Hidden Selling Power Of Meme Marketing with Austin Lee

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In This Episode

Here’s the thing: social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And with over 700 million users per month on Instagram alone…

… it’s important you start paying attention to the hidden selling power of this medium.

In fact, there’s a lot in common between the strongest sales messages… and the most shareable pieces of content on social media─memes.

They’re quick, funny, pictures or videos that can spread like wildfire.

And you probably didn’t know this, but they’ve been around way before social media. (“Kilroy was here ” was a piece of graffiti art that went “viral” during WWII… scribbled all over school walls, train stations, and public buildings.)

So… how do memes help YOU as a copywriter or marketer today?

Freelance copywriter Austin Lee joins me on the show. Austin is hip to all the meme shenanigans going on in social media today… and uses them as a tool to understand his target market at a deeper level.

As Austin explains in the interview, popular memes give you a general feel for your audience in a particular market…

… and when you pay attention to them, you’ll get valuable insights on buyer psychology, and dig up hidden “insider” talk you can use in your sales copy.

In this episode, Austin shows you how to use the hidden selling power of memes to sharpen your research chops, and boost sales for your business.

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • The one thing Ramit Sethi does with memes that’ll stir your perfect prospect’s emotions faster than your thought possible. (Do this and you’ll bond with your audience almost effortlessly.)
  • The social media “research shortcut” trick you can use to shave off hours from your market analysis. (No more scouring forums and articles for priceless “insider” phrases… just do what Austin suggests.)
  • Are you still scratching your head wondering how to attract the millennial demographic as your buyers? (You’ll want to hear Austin’s advice on bonding with the “youngins”, fast.)


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