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Ep 65: Beating Back “Writer’s Block” And Finding Your Flow with Angie Colee

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Ep 65: Beating Back “Writer’s Block” And Finding Your Flow with Angie Colee

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In This Episode

My standard philosophy on “writer’s block” is, if it’s happening, you haven’t done enough research

John Carlton taught me this and I’ve found it to be very true.

However, there are times when you’ve got a hard deadline looming, or you don’t have the time to dive deep into your topic…

… and you feel that tug of war between you and the blank page.

So… how do you beat “writer’s block” in those situations?

Freelance copywriter and Copy Chief Ambassador Angie Colee returns to the show today to discuss how to beat back “writer’s block”. Angie spent years in the hard deadline world of print agency copywriting. So she’s got a unique bag of tricks for overcoming any block when there’s NO TIME to waste.

As Angie explains in the interview, even when research is limited, or you’re just bored with the topic…

… there ARE proven tips and tricks you can use to get your writing flow back quickly.

Take a listen and find out how you can make “writer’s block” a thing of the past using Angie’s pro tips.

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • Kevin’s “Onionesque” trick to get you writing flowing, fast. (Just be sure you go back and edit your stuff before your client sees your draft!)
  • Angie’s trick to begin writing faster than you thought possible… without a shred of “writer’s block.” (Do this and you won’t ever have to start from scratch─no matter your topic.)
  • Why “magic moments” are RARE in writing… and what you absolutely must focus on instead to kick your writing chops up a bunch of notches.


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