Ep 63: How To Write Visually and Spring Your Sales Copy to Life with Henry Bingaman

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In This Episode

Smooth writing and a great story are useless if you don’t tie ’em into your promotion.

One of the biggest mistakes even top copywriters make is losing themselves in the writing and forgetting the purpose of the ad.

And if your visual language doesn’t fit the promo like a glove, you’ll kill your sale faster than ever before.

So… how do you inject visual language in your copy so that everything sticks in your prospect’s brain?

Natural Health Sherpa Creative Director, and seasoned copywriter Henry Bingaman returns to the show. Henry helped Agora’s Money Map Press sell over $100 Million in products─including a 12 Million dollar control─with his knack for injecting persuasive visual language in copy.

As Henry explains in the interview, you’ve got to ask yourself WHY you’re using a particular image in your writing…

… and if you never do that, you’re guaranteed to break the tension and blow the sale.

In this episode, Henry shows you how to add visual language to your writing that’ll take your copy from bland to BAM!… without sacrificing the sale. (Henry takes 3 pieces of copy and works his magic live on the episode… so don’t miss this!)

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • Are you using metaphors as a tool for writing copy? (You’ll want to hear Henry’s insights on the ONE sales-killing blunder most writers make when using metaphors.)
  • The single biggest thing even top writers overlook when writing copy… and Henry’s simple fix that’ll kick your copy chops up a notch faster than you imagined possible.
  • The “foreplay” trick to seductive email openers that’ll get the click and close the sale… without using yukkyclickbait” tactics.


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Show notes written by Max Hamm. You can reach Max at maxhammcopy.com.

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