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Ep 62: How to quickly indoctrinate cold prospects to your product with Amanda “Indoctrinatrix” Foxcroft

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Ep 62: How to quickly indoctrinate cold prospects to your product with Amanda “Indoctrinatrix” Foxcroft

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In This Episode

I gave her the nickname, The Indoctrinatrix for a good reason; she’s really good at helping you draw in your best prospects and then dominating the market.

See, most marketers and business owners fail to indoctrinate prospects the right way…

… and just because something is crystal clear to you, it doesn’t mean your audience understands what you mean. In fact─the more obvious it is to you, the more likely you’re blowing the sale by overlooking your prospect’s awareness level.

So… how do you present yourself to your audience as a trusted authority, and hook ’em in a way where they don’t leave your world until they BUY?

Today I’ve got copywriter and prospect indoctrination expert Amanda Foxcroft on the show. She helps clients boost sales with her unique talent for indoctrinating new customers.

As she explains in the interview, your customer experience is critical to your sales…

… and unless you’ve got a CLEAR process for them to follow, off they go back to Facebook land.

In this episode, Amanda reveals her unique “5 Cs” framework for prospect indoctrination. (Follow this and you’ll wipe out your competitors from your prospect’s memory… leaving YOU as the ONLY “go-to” solution.)

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • The “One-click” indoctrination trick that’ll snatch your prospect away from his digital fantasy land… and hurl him right into your world as a PAYING customer.
  • The “Starbucks secret” to an addictive customer experience you can use in your business… without the big, fat budget.
  • Are you hiding your beautiful face from your customers? (Hear Amanda’s advice on stepping up as a PROUD product owner your prospects trust right out of the gate.)


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