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Ep 58: How Freelancers Jump To The Next Level (Without Burning Out) with Pete Michaels

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Ep 58: How Freelancers Jump To The Next Level (Without Burning Out) with Pete Michaels

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In This Episode

As a freelancer, you absolutely must carve out some daily “white space” to recharge your creative battery. Ignore this―like most freelancers do (especially earlier in the game)―and it’ll only be a matter of time before you burnout.

So… how do you strike the perfect balance between doing good work and staying sane?

“When you keep saying yes to this gig and yes to that gig… you’ve completely forgotten that you always have a choice.” Peter said during our interview. “You don’t want to end up working everyday like it’s the night before a launch.”

Freelance copywriter and Copy Chief founding member Peter Michaels joins me on the show. We discuss the critical things every freelancer must do to jump to the next level… without working till you drop.

As Peter explains in the interview, we all have this idea that we’ve got to take all the gigs we can get…

but when you do that, you fail to manage expectations both for yourself and for your clients. This murders your creativity.

In this episode, Peter reveals the three critical steps every freelancer must take to kick their career up a notch, without risking burnout. (You’ll want to hear Peter’s surprising insights on how you can be “lazy”… but still get more done than the “all-day-hustler”.)

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • The “Lazy Bastard Secret” to working less while accomplishing MORE. (And why you won’t ever break through the “newbie” stage if you only “hustle all day.”)
  • Are you still saying “yes” to every gig that comes your way? (You’ll want to hear Peter’s jarring revelation on why this actually hurts your career―even if you’re new to the game.)
  • The “Hemingway” trick to turn your unconscious mind into a writing machine… on demand. (Do this right, and your brain will fetch you the best ideas while you’re sound asleep.)


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