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Ep 54 – How To Be More Human Through Automation with Mike Rinard

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Ep 54 – How To Be More Human Through Automation with Mike Rinard

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In This Episode

Here’s the reality: You’re likely addicted to getting the sale―like most marketers are―without even knowing it…

… and your prospects can FEEL it. In fact―the harder you chase the sale, the farther away it slips from you… and these days, prospects are not giving you a second chance.

So… how do you multiply your sales without ruining your relationship with potential customers?

Today I’ve got E-commerce automation specialist and copywriter Mike Rinard on the show. Mike helps retail clients with his unique talent for automating “human-like” customer communication.

As he explains in the interview, every business owner must have these five critical automation components in place…

… and if you do it rightyou’ll always deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.

In this episode, Mike reveals the five critical ingredients to deliver the perfect message to your customers, and how to be more human through automation.

Take a listen and find out how you can quickly get hip to automating your customer communication using Mike’s simple steps. (You’ll touch them in a way so human-like… your prospects can’t help but respond).

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • The “stats” trap most business owners fall prey to that’s killing your sales. (Follow Mike’s simple steps instead to deliver the perfect message to ALL your prospects… at the exact moment they should see it)
  • The single biggest reason most marketers completely muck up cart abandonment e-mails. (Do what Mike suggests to make your prospects appreciate you… not black-list you)
  • The 6 words that make your prospects feel like they’re buying from a close friend. (These are so dead simple you’re likely overlooking their power)


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