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Ep 52 – How to develop a voice that cannot be ignored with Jody Raynsford

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Ep 52 – How to develop a voice that cannot be ignored with Jody Raynsford

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In This Episode

Would you be shocked to know that striving to “develop your authentic voice” is actually killing your connection with your audience?

Here’s the thing: most sales copy your prospect reads comes off bland (even if you think you wrote something completely unique)

and without a confident voice leading your prospect through your copy, you’re guaranteed to blow the sale. (It’s got nothing to do with being “authentic”!)

So… how exactly do you nail the voice that gets you more sales?

Today, former journalist turned pro copywriter Jody Raynsford, joins me on the show. He helps clients get more sales by empowering them with a voice that customers cannot ignore.

As Jody explains in the interview, authenticity is not something you should strive for…

… and you’ve got to dig deep into the granular levels of language to scoop out what distinguishes you.

Jody reveals the three biggest mistakes most marketers make when developing their voice. (You’ll want to hear his insights on the difference between real and manufactured authenticity before you run your next campaign… the difference is so subtle, you can easily lose your prospects without even knowing it).

Take a listen and find out how you can develop a voice your prospect will never forget.

Plus… If you’re a freelancer, find out how you can stand out and land high paying gigs just by focusing on one critical thing.

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • The single biggest reason most marketers struggle with voice. (And why your current efforts to develop one are secretly ruining your chances!)
  • Why you should NEVER make a video showing your prospects how authentic you are. (And what Jody suggests you do instead to deliver a message so compelling your prospect’s brain can’t help but lock it into memory)
  • Jody: “It’s________ and __________ that shine through in the best sales copy…” (The two critical ingredients you must have to practically force your prospect to buy… this will close the sale even if you think you’re not a good writer!)


Jody’s Tone of Voice Guide

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