Ep 51: April Dykman – How To Use Better Proof In Your Copy

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How To: Use Better Proof In Your Copy

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In This Episode

0:55: April explains the REAL reason your customers think you’re full of it (and you can’t sell them a damn thing).

3:55: How April traded in her journalism career for copywriting, and how sleuthing taught her to hook readers like fish and never let go.

5:30: The ugly brick wall that every copywriter hits when writing for a big audience, and the simple step-by-step process April uses to leap straight over it.

8:55: The two bestselling books you need to read if you want to become a better writer. (Surprise! These aren’t more of your typical copywriting classics!)

10:10: How this famous writer conquered crippling rejection and a near fatal accident, then went on to write dozens more bestsellers (this will inspire you through any setback)

12:00: How April approaches the copywriting business as a woman, and the weird game she noticed being played around her. (Listen up, because this is an important lesson no matter your gender.)

15:20: This classic piece of business advice in the copywriting world is WRONG! (It’s also the reason Kevin quit doing standup comedy and made him think, “This is such bullshit.”)

18:00: The secret test April uses that ensures customers will love you (instead of telling you to take a hike).

21:50: The number one principle for gaining your reader’s trust (and their loyal patronage), with specific examples you can immediately start using in your copy TODAY.

26:10: Three ways to instantly bypass a reader’s doubt without any fuss. (Most people think they know this, but they do it wrong and sabotage their sales.)

30:30: April explains why you have to “fall in love” with your customer when you write copy for them. (Plus, the REAL reason you’re failing to get inside your reader’s head.)

Bullets written by copywriter, Caroylnn Ananian. You can find her on Twitter @CarolynnAnanian

Resources Mentioned

The Testimonial Booster Kit

April’s article about proof in copy

Gay Talese, Frank Sinatra Has A Cold

Stephen King – On Writing

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  • Reply

    This episode was super great and so informative. Thanks for adding another useful question that I can keep asking myself as I write copy. April needs to come back and do another one.

    Thanks Kevin!

  • Reply

    Good interview Kevin. Liked the summary at the end, especially #2. Have seen so many bad testimonials that say what they “think” they will get from the product instead of what they actually did get from it.

    Looking forward to the next interview!


  • Reply

    Man… I love copy chief (no homo).

    • Reply

      Haha, Jason. Way to thwart that homo bodybuilder stereotype.

      We love you, too. Openly.

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