Ep 48 – How To Beat Back Impostor Syndrome And Thrive with Max Hamm

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In This Episode

Do your heroes and favorite experts struggle with the same mental hurdles you wrestle with in your business?

Here’s the thing: Everyone has Impostor Syndrome at one point or another. No one’s safe from it…

… and if you never have it, you’re probably a sociopath!

Today freelance copywriter Max Hamm joins me on the show. We take a look behind the curtain to answer the big question: How do you beat Impostor Syndrome and thrive?

As we explain in the episode, experiencing Impostor Syndrome is a good sign…

… but there are certain things you must do to stop this confidence-killer in its tracks.

We also bust some myths about top marketers that’ll likely shock you! Come find out what Impostor Syndrome really is and how you can conquer it and prosper.

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • Kevin: “There was nobody in the entire room taking more notes than him…”. (The big-name expert Kevin was shocked to see in “student mode”… And how to know exactly when you’re on the right path to getting bigger and better results in your business)
  • Does somebody like the great Gary Bencivenga ever struggle with Impostor Syndrome? (He’s one of the few legendary copywriters with an almost spotless record… but what he does after every campaign will surprise you!)
  • Do you have to be a sociopath to be THAT good in business? (The startling response Kevin got to this question from a top marketer… And why ignoring this will kill your writing)
  • When it’s perfectly fine to be an “info-junkie”… and the exact moment when you should ditch the books. (Do this instead to defeat Impostor Syndrome and land the high-paying gigs)


Download the episode here

Show notes written by Max Hamm. You can reach Max at maxhammcopy.com.

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