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Ep 110: Jesse Elder – The Truth About Having Nothing To Prove And Nothing To Hide

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Ep 110: Jesse Elder – The Truth About Having Nothing To Prove And Nothing To Hide

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In This Episode

“I got hooked up to this brain machine… and the doctor said that in 75,000 sessions, he’d only ever seen one other person with brain waves like mine…” Jesse told me during our interview.

Even though he’s been a personal mentor and close ally for years, I’m always on the edge of my seat talking to Jesse Elder…  

… and even if you’ve heard of him before, you likely have no clue what he actually does. (Believe it or not, it’s on purpose!)

Jesse has a knack for taking someone’s unique power and helping them harness it so they can serve others. He’s also driven only by truth-revealing action. (He once signed up for a “fight club” style brawl at a nightclub just to find out if his martial arts skills work in real life!)

As Jesse explains in the interview, there’s a binary nature to results – you either win or lose…

… so you must shun and discard any theory that does not produce results.

In this episode, Jesse shows you how to discover your unique creative “frequency”, and a powerful way to harness results to build unshakable confidence… so you’ll have nothing to hide and nothing to prove.

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • Would you be willing to get arrested for your passion? (And what aiding and abetting illegal aliens can teach you about success)
  • Jesse:  “When you turn off the camera… what does your life look like then?” (What some internet marketers are making sure you don’t see… and how to know exactly who you can actually trust online)
  • “I let go of 30 years of mental sludge in just two hours!” (Jesse’s secret to getting epic testimonials like this from his clients, and what you can do in your business to get raving reviews… without asking!)
  • The shocking way Jesse delivered the single most fulfilling project he’s ever done in his life… without using a single sales funnel or product launch! (If you’re struggling with a lack of ideas for your next product or service, don’t miss this)
  • Are you still working hard on crafting the “perfect marketing message”? (Why this is ultimately a waste of your time… and what Jesse suggests you do instead to powerfully attract prospects to your business)

What’s the one thing Jesse’s done that’s produced the most surprising result?

Jesse magnetically attracted people in conferences…

… and he did it with a surprising response to the typically asked question: “What do you do?”

Check out his secret to being the most prolific person at any conference, and how he hooked droves of clients for his business at 29:00.


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