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Ep 49 – The Revenue-Boosting Power of Sub-Niching Your Product with Jason Leue

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Ep 49 – The Revenue-Boosting Power of Sub-Niching Your Product with Jason Leue

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In This Episode

Here’s the reality: It’s one thing to sell something on a platform like Amazon…

… but to sell your product or service on your own website (with cold traffic) is the Holy Grail of sales for your business.

Today, former animator turned online entrepreneur Jason Leue joins me on the show. Jason helps new moms overcome the struggles of breastfeeding using his unique Moringa plant formula.

“Once competition started popping up… I came really close to throwing in the towel. I couldn’t even cut my prices any lower…” Jason told me in our interview.

It all changed once Jason joined Copy Chief and started getting feedback on his campaigns…

… the result: shifting to a sub-niche, creating a brand new product, and getting more sales on his own website than he ever got on Amazon! (Without hiring experts, designers, or voice-over artists)

In this episode, Jason reveals the secret to creating a compelling offer online. (So compelling, in fact, it converts with cold traffic in a niche swarming with competitors)

Take a listen and find out how you can quickly boost your revenues by sub-niching your product.

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • Kevin: “Those are the two major success ingredients in business…” (What you simply must do to “make it” online today… and the single biggest thing that quickly kills most online businesses)
  • Do you always listen to expert feedback? (How to know exactly when to follow advice… and when to just smile and nod instead)
  • Are you paying too much for someone to create your sales page? (Why you’re likely leaking cash to experts and designers… and what Kevin and Jason suggest you do instead to quickly make sales without breaking the bank)


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