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Ep 50 – Why you must understand the conscious consumer with Pauline Longdon

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Ep 50 – Why you must understand the conscious consumer with Pauline Longdon

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In This Episode

There’s a new reality about to dominate the marketing world: Your customers are more hyper aware than ever…

… this “conscious consumer” sees everything you’re doing. Stay blind to this critical shift and your business will die off like the dinosaurs. (And if you’re thinking this is just another fad─like most marketers do─you risk being out of business real soon)

So… how exactly do you speak persuasively to the conscious consumer?

Today, former nurse turned pro copywriter Pauline Longdon joins me on the show. She helps clients get more sales with her special talent for injecting real empathy in sales copy.

As Pauline explains in the interview, too many marketers today are faking it till they make it…

… and when you do that, you leave a trail of fakery behind you that people can sense… even after you “make it”.

Pauline reveals the three critical things you must do in your business to bypass your customer’s powerful BS detector. (You’ll want to hear Pauline’s unique insights on why you’re likely using fake empathy in sales copy… without even knowing it)

Take a listen and find out how you can quickly get hip to speaking to the conscious consumer without blowing the sale.

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • Are you thinking of dismissing the “conscious consumer” as just another passing trend? (This is the same mistake marketers made when they first ignored the rise of marketing to women… do what Pauline suggests instead to compel the conscious consumer to buy only from you)
  • The “Crest toothpaste” secret to unleashing a powerful jetstream of sales for your business… without spending more money, hiring experts, or creating more products
  • Pauline: “This is the most disingenuous thing you can say to your customer… it’s like an uppercut to their jaw… ” (The most common sales-killing phrase most marketers use without even knowing it… and what Pauline suggests you say instead to get the sale. If you’re using any NLP in your marketing, don’t miss this!)


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