Ep 47 – The Huge Opportunity Hiding In Short Explainer Videos with Dean Edelson

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In This Episode

What if you can get your prospects hanging on to every word of your sales copy like they were kids hypnotized by their favorite cartoon?

Today, former screenwriter and stand-up comic turned copywriter, Dean Edelson joins me on the show. Dean helps high-level clients craft compelling marketing messages using explainer videos.

As Dean explains in the interview, our brains are hardwired to respond to stories…

… and explainer videos are the perfect way to get your marketing message across as if it were a story. The result is readers so engaged they’ll hang on to every word of your sales copy!

Dean reveals the three things you can learn from Hollywood screenwriting to create emotionally compelling “doodles” that boost sales. (It’s no surprise explainer videos are still the tool of choice for many top marketers!)

Take a listen and find out how you can quickly craft a compelling marketing message with Dean’s powerful explainer video formula.

Plus… if you’re a freelancer, find out how you could have the next year completely booked with fun gigs… just by learning one thing.

“Can’t Miss Moments”:

  • The single biggest thing you can add to your marketing that jolts your reader and glues their eyeballs on your message. (Do this right and they’ll hang on to your every word!)
  • Why dismissing doodle videos as “a thing of the past” is costing you sales. (Do what Dean suggests instead and you’ll cringe for not doing this much earlier!)
  • How Dean booked – in advance – almost a year of fun high-paying gigs. (This “under-the-radar” skill is so in-demand even Ted Talks hires talent to work on their most popular speeches)


Dean’s Magnetic Funnel Copy Blueprint

Short explainer video examples

Download the episode here

Show notes written by Max Hamm. You can reach Max at maxhammcopy.com.

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  • Reply

    Brilliant and exciting! One of the best CCR’s I’ve listened to–and every one has been great.

    I’ve been hearing and watching Dean for a couple of years now. He is kinda the E.F. Hutton of copywriting — when Dean talks, smart copywriters and business owners listen. That said, this show elevated him to a whole new level of brilliance in my mind.

    I gotta try this one!! Sounds like a blast, and it will be a way to include my cartooning artistic wife in the marketing program.


    And Kevin, I strongly agree. MORE DEAN! MORE DEAN! MORE DEAN!

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