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Ep 46 – Spice Up Your Messages with “Snapshot Copywriting” with Pete Michaels

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Ep 46 – Spice Up Your Messages with “Snapshot Copywriting” with Pete Michaels

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In This Episode

You ever notice how people are happy to carry around a thousand page Stephen King novel?

What if it was possible for you to connect with prospects so strongly that they can’t stop reading your sales copy?

Today freelance copywriter and Copy Chief founding member Peter Michaels joins me on the show. He helps clients forge a stronger emotional bond with their audience and get more sales using his unique “snapshot copy” formula.

As Peter explains in the interview, when you inject small emotional “snapshots” in your sales copy…

… your reader’s brain takes them on a nostalgic journey to when they felt the same exact thing. The result is a bond so strong they completely forget about the sales transaction!

Peter reveals the three things you can learn from legendary author, Stephen King and legendary rocker, Bruce Springsteen to create powerful emotional moments in your sales copy. (It’s no mistake that these artists have built massive fan bases the world over)

Take a listen and find out how you can quickly boost your sales with Peter’s powerful “snapshot copy” formula.

“Can’t Miss Moments”:

  • The single most powerful thing you can inject in your sales copy to make your reader care. (Your reader’s brain WANTS you to write this way. Do what Peter suggests and they’ll be so engaged they’ll completely forget you’re selling anything!)
  • Kevin: “Bad writing feels like a lecture…” (How to avoid this common connection-killer in your sales copy… and exactly what to do instead to compel your prospects so strongly that they can’t wait to buy!)
  • Ignore this forgotten element of copywriting at your own peril. (This is the first thing your reader’s brain reacts to… do what Peter suggests to avoid losing your prospect in the first few seconds!)


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