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Ep 44 – The Rocky Balboa Guide To A/B Split Testing with Allison Carpio

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Ep 44 – The Rocky Balboa Guide To A/B Split Testing with Allison Carpio

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In This Episode

Here’s the reality when it comes to testing: There are no “failed” split tests. You’re always one step closer to your big win with every test… if you do it right.

Today I’ve got freelance copywriter and A/B testing specialist, Allison Carpio, on the show. She has helped clients in her previous role at Kissmetrics score 500% sales spikes using her “Rocky Balboa” testing method.

Effective split testing is a big reason many businesses are beating their control ads and making more sales.

As Allison explains in the interview, we’re usually turned off from testing because we don’t know exactly what to look for. When we do, the result is an amazing new flood of sales.

Allison reveals three lessons you can learn from Rocky Balboa to run the perfect split test. Take a listen to today’s episode and find out how you can top your current sales with this powerful split testing method.

“Can’t Miss Moments”:

  • Beat your current control with this one simple tweak to the way you’re currently testing
  • The “Rocky Balboa” method to creating the perfect split test. (Do this and you’ll avoid burning through your ad budget with no sales to show for it!)
  • The exact “signal” you should move on to the next thing to test. (You’ll waste your money if you ignore this)


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