Ep 43 – How to use humor in sales with Max Hamm

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In This Episode

Have you ever thought you’ll connect deeper with your audience if you inject some humor?

Here’s the tricky part about humor in sales: The biggest danger is that your audience can easily misunderstand you.

As a former pro stand-up comic turned copywriter, many people ask me HOW to get funnier so they can connect deeper with their audience.

So… how can you use humor in sales WITHOUT losing customers?

Today freelance copywriter Max Hamm, who also has some stand-up comedy experience, joins me on the show to discuss this big question.

As we explain in the episode, you’ve got to know your audience before attempting humor in sales. This creates a deeper emotional bond with your prospects that turns them into buyers.

We also reveal the critical ingredients you must have in your videos and e-mails before injecting humor. Come find out how you can create a deeper emotional bond with your audience by using humor in the correct way.

“Can’t Miss Moments”:

  • The one kind of humor you MUST avoid in your sales copy
  • The “Dollar-Shave Club” method to safely injecting humor into your sales copy
  • The “Screw-it” trick to unleashing the real sales potential of your personality
  • The 4 golden rules of video you must follow to connect deeply with your audience
  • Can you record a video without wearing pants and still make big sales? (The answer may disgust you!)


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