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Ep 43: The Truth About Dan Meredith

Dan M
Copy Chief Radio

Ep 43: The Truth About Dan Meredith

Dan M

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In This Episode

1:56 – The one crucial thing missing from the world of marketing right now (and how Dan uses this to set himself apart from the rest)

3:45 – 18 flights, 42 meetings, and 4 seminars — why Dan spent one exhausting month touring the states (and how he will make it pay off for years to come)

4:39 – The coaching and consulting “guarantee” that send up an instant red flag — when you see this you know they’re trying to pull one over on you

8:43 – The “No Douchebag” client management rule Dan uses to keep his clients happy without them eating up all his time

14:41 – Idiots Rule! Why Dan is “not burdened with excessive thought”… and why it’s been such a huge advantage in growing his businesses

19:35 – The quickest, easiest way for any freelancer to dominate their niche (a simple trick for crowning yourself as the go-to expert in your field)

24:29 – Dan’s grueling 5 hour day shortcut for going from zero to super-successful copywriter (this helped him win the attention of Ryan Levesque after only ONE MONTH as a copywriter)

31:46 – Dan’s method for getting people to stop and click on your Facebook posts (this is the secret to why his posts get so much engagement while most people get ignored)

47:27 – A modern take on the famous Halbert “Dollar Bill” letter…and how you can swipe Dan’s method to land new clients today

49:47 – Plus… the “pay-to-play” answer for how to fill your calendar with high-level copywriting gigs (this is how Dan put $50K in the bank… in just one day)

Resources Mentioned

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