Ep 44: Zach Swinehart – Running Your Business While Traveling The World

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In This Episode

2:53 – Zach’s amazing journey from solo web designer, to grinding it out at a day job, and now finally living the live anywhere “Internet lifestyle” everyone talks about but rarely ever achieves…

4:31 – Clueless about what to do with your life? The advice Kevin gives to anyone under 30 (and he promises you “probably won’t get stabbed”)…

5:55 – How Zach made the transition to digital nomad (and why it is “shockingly easy” to run and even grow his business while traveling the world)…

10:58 – How his location independent lifestyle forced Zach to cut his 60hr work weeks down to only 10 (and the one thing that allowed him to do it so smoothly)…

13:42 – How to test out harebrained schemes with your clients… without putting the relationship on the line (Zach’s clients practically jumped at the change)

19:12 – The “re-wiring” experiment that proved Zach’s long-held beliefs about work and life completely wrong…

23:08 – 3 goals Zach set for his time abroad (and his selection criteria for “hooking up” with strangers)…

25:00 – The Shanghai street scam that robs unsuspecting tourists of $300+ (don’t travel to East Asia without hearing this first)…

28:54 – The “Dumb American” secret for bailing yourself out of potential travel disasters (and the timely warning from a friend that saved Zach’s ass getting locked up)…

34:49 – How Zach skyrocketed his business to 6-figures by IGNORING the marketing…and why it continues to thrive to this day…

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The Truth About Marketing podcast is produced by James Clouser. Graphics by Cassie Clouser. Bullets written by Dan Ludgater. Special thanks to all of you for making this show happen.



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  • Scott A Dennison

    I enjoyed this call a lot @Kevin because I went through the same process this summer. My objective was to see if it was possible to “leave” my home office and travel across the US and back without the whole business falling apart. I too was in the last stages of a break-up and needed time away and to think.

    I poured a lot of info and training into my project manager and laid out the weekly tasks he was to focus on – then I left.

    My trip was from Florida to Seattle and back by car (about 9000 miles) and was gone just under 6 weeks. The business was in many respects better when I got back – very few messes to clean up and the adventure was a terrific experience.

    When Zach talks about the faith required, I get that because in faith I cut two low margin clients while I was gone and am wrapping up my commitments to a 3rd who I’ll cut very soon. In the vacuum that exists in their place, new direction, new projects and new clients are being drawn in.

    Well worth the time to listen to this inspiring call.

  • Kevin Rogers

    Inspiring story, Scott. Thanks for sharing. Takes bigger underwear the more entrenched into life we get. Good on you for breaking free.

  • Ralf Stofer

    I completely don’t understand this traveling thing and run the business from outsite. This is such a hype because of the 4 hours guy. And it implies getting money while do not deliver an exchange for it and that can be very missleading. Because we all depend on exchanging products and services (via money). For shure Value is not related to time of work it depends often more on the brightness of an idea. And such ideas can also be made while traveling. For me beeing part of a team hand having success with a team is much more rewarding then traveling in the world or as a huge amount of money. What is the paying for live? Money??? Believe me it’s not. If somebody finds the answer for this question and knows what is the valuablest payment for live, he would be capable of sacrifice obsessions and and assests for it. And traveling, as nice as it is, is not the valuablest payment for living as less as money and material objects are it. So for me this “traveling while money comes in by it self” is not this stone of wisdom as it is propagated. It is the wish for becoming a “possitive effect” like gaining millions in the lottery. Oh how nice would it be by get those millions for free 😉 Could it be that the money I got for a realy self made or created product is more rewarding than money gained by lottery? And no I’m not confused.

  • Kevin Rogers

    I’ll lovingly suggest that you are confused, Ralf. Zach is not claiming or promoting “lottery wins” or even passive income. He’s simply done the work to make his business accommodate his travel. For him that is the valuablest payment for live.

    You don’t have to do it if you don’t want.

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