Ep 42 – The Hidden Power of A Well-Placed Case Study With Brian McCarthy

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Here’s the thing about testimonials: You have to have them, but they rarely get read.

So… What else can you do to beef up the social proof of your offer?

Today I’ve got freelance copywriter Brian McCarthy on the show. He has helped big names like Ramit Sethi get more sales using a more powerful type of social proof: Case studies.

They’re quickly becoming the new secret-weapon many businesses are using to double their sales.

As Brian explains in the interview, we’re more convinced by case studies because we can see and hear the results in the moment.  The pay-off is a big boost in sales and customer loyalty.

Brian reveals the three things you cannot ignore to create the perfect case study. Come find out how you can get more sales with an amazing new level of social proof on today’s episode.

“Can’t Miss Moments”:

  • How case studies “hack” your customer’s brain compelling them to buy your product. (Believe it or not, your prospect’s brain WANTS you to use this exact method to prove your offer works)    
  • The “plant in the audience” trick one of Brian’s clients used to close more customers than he had meetings booked. (It has nothing to do with selling from the stage!)
  • How Febreze doubled their sales to $230M in one year using a single case study. (And how you can quickly use the same principle in your business)


If you want a step-by-step process on how to ask the right questions, conduct interviews, and pull great answers using a simple formula, go here to get your free download.

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