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Ep 41 – How To Build Customer Loyalty Like The Big Brands With Nicole Piper

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Ep 41 – How To Build Customer Loyalty Like The Big Brands With Nicole Piper

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In This Episode

If you’re in business for yourself and you’ve always thought “I don’t need a brand”…

I’ve got some eye-opening news for you today.

Here’s the reality: You have a brand identity right now. Either you are controlling it, or your audience is creating it on their own.

My guest today, Nicole Piper, spent 12 years as a brand experience expert for MTV, Nickelodeon and Sharper Image. As she explains in the interview, our brains desire branding so we can make decisions about whether to associate with a company or not.

So, every company has a brand identity, the question becomes; is what your potential customers see the same as you intend, or would you be shocked to learn how they view your brand?

Right now, Nicole helps brand-clueless business owners define their brand identity. The result is an amazing new level of emotional connection with their customers.

She explains how you can quickly take control of your brand image in three simple (and fun) steps.  

Find out how to build customer loyalty like the big brands on today’s episode.

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • What big-brands know about selling you likely don’t. (And how to use this trick from the “big-dogs” to get more profit right away no matter how small your business).
  • Why It’s a big mistake to brush-off creating your brand. (Besides the customer’s brain filling-in the gaps, there is another hidden reason this kills your sales)
  • The “Ren & Stimpy” secret to FAST brand discovery. (Nickelodeon used this to cash-in $200M in sales in 30 countries… and how you can use it to make almost any business more profitable)


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