Ep 40 – 10 sales-killing phrases (and what to say instead) with Max Hamm

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Have you ever had a call or meeting with a potential customer go SO good you thought the gig was already in the bag… only for the whole thing to go up in smoke in the end?

We all have… and you’re left scratching your head wondering what the heck just happened.

You see… there’s sometimes a hidden meaning behind certain words and phrases scaring off your potential customer (and killing your sale without you even knowing it!)

So today, I have Max Hamm on the show to share with you some common sales-killing phrases you want to avoid in your sales copy and interactions with prospects and customers.

Max is a freelance copywriter specializing in the self-improvement space, and an active member of Copy Chief.

You’ll be surprised at how harmless some of these phrases may sound… yet those sneaky devils have the power to sabotage your entire sales campaign.


Hear the most deadly sales-killing phrases, and how to fix them in this new episode of Copy Chief Radio.

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