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EP 272: New Breed: Brandon Roe on Decoding Consumer Psychology

Brandon Roe
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EP 272: New Breed: Brandon Roe on Decoding Consumer Psychology

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In This Episode

Brandon Roe was a self-described “outcast nerd” throughout his childhood. 

So, he became fascinated with the psychology around what makes some people part of the “in crowd” and others relegated to being “out”.

At first, he wanted to figure out how to switch camps and become more popular…

Then, around the age of 15, he “stopped caring” what other people thought, and his curiosity moved more into what motivated people to do certain things and act certain ways. 

It will come to no shock to copywriters that his painful childhood experience and his deep dive into human psychology turned out to be perfect training for a successful career in direct response marketing. 

Brandon has published books on the subject and is a respected and highly paid-copywriter specializing in brand psychology.

Get the full story here, along with some killer insights to how to persuade prospects into becoming happy buyers.

Nerd Out! 

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