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EP 255: Freelancer’s Journey: Rachel Mazza and Jessica Mae Stafford – Growing A “Real Business” (Phase 7 and Beyond)

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EP 255: Freelancer’s Journey: Rachel Mazza and Jessica Mae Stafford – Growing A “Real Business” (Phase 7 and Beyond)

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In This Episode

I’m thrilled about this episode today because I get to jump all the way to Phase 7 of The Freelancers Journey Timeline and talk to you about more advanced business strategies and tactics. 

If you don’t know about the Freelancers Journey – it’s a simple 7-step roadmap to freelance success. It takes the guesswork out of how to build a freelance career by mapping out a proven path through The 7 Phases of Freelancing. 

Phase 7 is when you’re beyond client money and are building your own assets and your own business. This is where you get to build your “Legacy Business.”

Now I ‘ain’t talking about erecting a statue of yourself in the town square. A “Legacy Business” is where your business can thrive without you, and ideally, long after you’ve left this green earth. 

Building a legacy business is all about creating security and support for – not only your customers and your team – but hopefully your family. Truly leaving your mark on the world in a big way, passed down through generations. 

I’ve been fortunate enough (and am still slightly shocked) that I’m here in Phase 7 now – focusing my days on building a business that goes far beyond “The Kevin Rogers Show.”

Today I’m joined by my own “Integrator” – Rachel Mazza – who steers the ship here at Copy Chief and leads my team…

And also Jessica Mae Stafford – my personal finance coach and CPA at Copy Chief – who is even further along the journey of building a legacy business than I am. 

Together we’re talking about the “big boy stuff” that comes with building and running a legacy business

  • The tools we’re putting in place to help our businesses run without us
  • The systems and processes we use to give our team freedom to do their best work without babysitting
  • Solving the “people puzzle” when hiring and leading a team
  • The unexpected secret to making EVERY team meeting efficient and productive
  • How to feel comfortable trusting your team so you can finally “let go” without stress
  • Balancing the creative “visionary” role with the tactical “Integrator” role to accomplish big goals without overloading your team
  • How to build a powerful culture for your team, and communicate it in a way that gets people fired up
  • The biggest mistakes we made when moving from ‘scrappy startup’ to legacy business

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #255 Rachel Mazza and Jessica Mae Stafford – Growing A “Real Business” (Phase 7 and Beyond)


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