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EP 251: New Breed: Copywriting publicity tactics with Selena Soo

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EP 251: New Breed: Copywriting publicity tactics with Selena Soo

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In This Episode

Copywriters face two hazards when writing ongoing content for clients, or themselves…

  1. Coming up with enough good ideas
  2. Connecting our ideas to relevant calendar events

These usually happen in succession…

In the early going you struggle to come up with ideas.

Once the ideas start flowing, you almost can’t stop them, and it becomes easy to get myopic and forget to connect what you’re writing about to events that are relevant in your reader’s lives.

That’s why I love this free publicity calendar my friend Selena Soo puts out every year.

It gives you a detailed list of every relevant event throughout the year (holidays, etc) and great ideas for how to connect those ideas to your content.

This is especially useful if you’re pitching ideas to major publishers like Forbes, or major podcasts where one good guest spot could change your life almost overnight (this happened to me with podcasting starting 7 years ago).

In today’s episode, Selena and I discuss…

  • When is “too soon” to start seeking publicity…
  • The best invite you can get to immediately cash in on your existing experience…
  • How to promote yourself without looking like a needy attention seeker…

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #251 New Breed: Copywriting publicity tactics with Selena Soo

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