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EP 245: New Breed: Brenna McGowan – The no stress launch plan

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EP 245: New Breed: Brenna McGowan – The no stress launch plan

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Let’s face it, launching a product is typically as stressful as launching a spacecraft…

Lots of staring at screens with a sweaty brow and biting fingernails down to a bloody nub until it’s time to hit “go”… then you cross your fingers and pray everything works like it you hoped.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

This is marketing, not space travel. 

Lives are not literally on the line (although it can certainly feel that way).

As a freelance copywriter, launch copy was my specialty. I’ve written or chiefed 100 of them. 

The ONE single factor that made the difference in how smoothly and successfully a launch went was… PRE-LAUNCH PLANNING.

It’s amazing how many companies – of all levels – launch new products with little to no pre-launch strategy.

Just haphazardly tossing together an entirely new product on the assumption that…

  • Your audience has the pain point your product relieves…
  • They are convinced you can solve the problem for them…
  • Your copy is describing the product the way your audience needs to understand it…
  • And that they are aware of and prepared for your big launch of the product.

Not knowing those simple things, which you can easily learn in pre-launch, is the equivalent of plopping down your life savings on a Vegas roulette table and watching in terror as that little ball bounces around deciding your fate. 

Like I said, launching a product does not have to be that way…

Which is why I really love what Brenna McGowan is doing with her Pre-Launch Success Plan. Like I did years ago, she saw too many of her clients (and their competitors) planning expensive, high stakes launches without a pre-launch strategy… and the results were sadly predictable.

A lot like watching a car wreck in slow motion. 

You want to help, but it’s too late. All you can do is cringe and hope the airbags deploy. 

So Brenna decided to take what she’s learned working with some very smart (and organized) marketers who came to her with plenty of time to run a pre-launch and saw up to 41% boost in sales. 

Not only that, but they had NO STRESS on launch day because they knew 100% from pre-launch that…

  • All the tech worked like it should
  • Their audience was HOT for the offer
  • They had all the PROOF elements in place 
  • and the prospect LANGUAGE was on point to build trust and confidence for the sale

It’s a total “night and day” experience, and frankly, you’d be insane to expect a launch to succeed it’s best without a pre-launch strategy. 

Today Brenna and I talk about the psychology of launch strategy, she shares some key strategies for planning your pre-launch, and how social media and email copy play a major role in today’s campaign models. 

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #245 New Breed: Brenna McGowan – The No Stress Launch Plan



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