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EP 244: Coffee with Kev – 7 Reputation Boosters (and Killers)

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EP 244: Coffee with Kev – 7 Reputation Boosters (and Killers)

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In This Episode

As an entrepreneur or service provider your reputation is (by far) the most valuable asset you have. A good one will catapult you into the highest levels of opportunity, and a bad one will cost you dearly, often without even knowing the cause. 

So, how do you establish and protect your reputation?

Some ways are more obvious than others. Mostly, it’s the “intangibles” that define your character.

I learned it as “following the Pro Code”, so I broke it down into 7 parts for you in this episode.

After 11 years of freelancing and 7 years hiring freelancers, I can tell you THESE 7 TRAITS are the essential reputation builders – or killers.

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