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EP 243: New Breed: Craig Dave – Ramping up tension (and laughs) in your copy

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EP 243: New Breed: Craig Dave – Ramping up tension (and laughs) in your copy

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In This Episode

Last week a copy chief member sent me a piece of sales copy to look at.

It was 20 pages long.

In a typical first draft copy review there’s something critical on the very first page that needs to be fixed, so I rarely get beyond that before sending over a list of notes.

With this piece though, the approach was so unique – and fun – that just about all of the standard rules went out the window.

And before I knew it, I had…

  • Read all 20 pages
  • Laughed out loud the whole time, and
  • Ran to buy the product!

Get this! The product the copy was selling…

A butterknife!

The copywriter is Craig Dave and the piece is what he’s loosely calling a “laughertorial”. Essentially a funny, somewhat satirical, advertorial.

After I finished reading it I immediately hired Craig to test his copy against one of our controls, then invited him on this show to talk about his approach to copy.

There are some really important lessons for effective copywriting in this conversation, so stop reading and start listening!



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