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EP 238: Freelancer’s Journey – Dean Edelson, ClickFunnels Senior Copywriter

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EP 238: Freelancer’s Journey – Dean Edelson, ClickFunnels Senior Copywriter

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In This Episode

Dean Edelson was a stand-up comic working the NYC club scene with legends like Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David… then he started writing TV promos and movie scripts in Hollywood before getting into real estate investing where he realized he loved writing the stuff to sell properties more than selling properties. 

Today, he is the senior copywriter at ClickFunnels and he just launched his own super successful product (along with Jim Edwards) that completely automates the supporting copy for webinars.

Needless to say we have a lot to learn from Dean, and he gets in to all the important stuff in this episode. 

My favorite moment was his detailed breakdown of what he did (and refused to do!) in order to land the gig with Russell Brunson. 

Make time and take notes for this one… there is a lotta gold to be discovered. 



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