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EP 220: Wisdom Tree – Showing up in your reader’s dreams with Laura Belgray

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EP 220: Wisdom Tree – Showing up in your reader’s dreams with Laura Belgray

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In This Episode

There is magic in Laura Belgray’s writing. 

And she’s used it – with her email list specifically – to go from a TV Land promo writer, pumping out clever callbacks to Andy Griffith episodes… to running a seven-figure business from her couch. 

All with her words. 

The phrase, “I want to be Laura Belgray” is a common one among freelance copywriters looking to grow and monetize their lists. 

Even though I’ve interviewed her several times and discussed HOW she writes like she does, and even analyzed her work with her… I believe THIS EPISODE reveals more about how to tap into what Laura does to make her writing so addictive than any other we’ve done. 

That’s because we came to the call with no agenda other than to “catch up”, and ended up going deep into topics like…

  • The specific element of Laura’s emails that has her subscribers writing back to tell her: “I dreamt about you last night”…
  • How she pitched a memoir titled: Tough Titties – and actually sold it to a publisher (launching 2022!) when “no (publisher) wants personal stories right now…”
  • Discovering her “Human Design” is “the most woo woo thing” Laura’s ever done, and the undeniable truth it revealed that shifted how she interacts with her audience…
  • The insane bonus she used to include with every purchase in her affiliate promos (I’m shocked that she survived this)…
  • Why “every writer should have a personal Coat of Arms – about their audience”…

Beyond the “actionable takeaways” though, jumping on this conversational rollercoaster ride through Laura’s unique and hilarious mind reveals a lot about how great writer’s think and observe life. 

And that’s the most instructive clue into the process.

Buckle in and enjoy!


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