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EP 216: New Breed – John Lee Dumas’s Uncommon Path To Success

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EP 216: New Breed – John Lee Dumas’s Uncommon Path To Success

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In This Episode

John Lee Dumas is the epitome of self-made success. He started his industry-shifting podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire to solve his own problem…

“I’m 32 and I hate working for other people, but I have no idea how to make money on my own.”

So he started asking the people who were doing it… and sharing those conversations with his growing audience. And he kept asking – over 3,000 times – to the tune of 100 MILLION downloads (bug eyed emoji!)

More importantly, he took action on the best advice he was getting from entrepreneurs and built his own business, netting seven figures year after year, and sharing the real revenue reports every month to show how he’d doing it. 

I’ve been consistently impressed at John’s amazing success and how he’s never lost touch with the person he was when this great adventure began. He’s still speaking to that hopeful entrepreneur who knows they must find their way to independence, and desperately need a guide. 

After 9 years of the podcast, and the teaching, and navigating his own business through all the common obstacles that face entrepreneurs… he’s finally written the book that captures all he’s learned and knows to be true about succeeding in business.

It’s called The Common Path To Uncommon Success.

I’ve read it, and I gotta say, it’s damn good. Not the fluff of surface-level biz advice most “experts” tout as wisdom, but a sincere “if I only had 200 pages to teach you” guide with 17 clear steps that plot out the common path the best of those 3,000 case studies followed to achieve their dreams. 

One thing I really loved hearing from JLD in this conversation was that “uncommon success” doesn’t have to mean working yourself to death to achieve multiple millions in revenue. It might mean living relatively modestly on a lake in Bozeman, MT and spending a few hours a day doing work you love. 

Just like with the phases of the Freelancer’s Journey, once you get past the momentum phases, you can make your business whatever you want it to be. 

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #216 New Breed: John Lee Dumas’s Uncommon Path To Success 

  • Just say ‘no’ to info crack dealers: Why the richest of the rich keep you addicted to the pursuit of success rather than actual success (And how to kick this brain-scrambling habit so you can finally get high on your own business journey). (03:50)
  •  The 17 ‘put a stamp on em’ principles every business owner from Gary Vanderchuk to Tony Robbins swear by (And how to bake these into a profit-popping business without becoming a 120-hour-work-week hustler).  (5:53)
  • Do you go limp under pressure? The mindset behind deep fulfillment that keeps you up when you want to quit so you can get through the first-year slog and sustain your business over the long term. (6:50)
  • ‘She has massive uncommon success…’ How a mother in Bozeman, Montana blisses out on less than $100,000 a year. (7:47)
  • The simple yet profound way John delivers each of his 17 Principles so they incubate in your brain and hatch high-level ideas that chirp so loud you’ll have to use them to boost profits. (9:00)
  • Wantrapreneurs exposed: How million-dollar posers led John to create a radically transparent form of marketing (You’ll never look at the preachy, lamboghini-driving, woman-in-a-g-string-on-the-beach having guru the same way again). (11:52)
  • The real way to measure business success that triggers an ‘I get it now’ response so you can generate steady waves of revenue. Are you currently thinking like this? (14:55).
  • Feel like ‘big corporate’ is munching on your profits? Why moving to a small pond will have you reeling in more revenue than trying to be the big fish. (19:30)
  • A weird approach to niching down that seems nuts on the surface but leads to you being the very best in your field. (23:00)
  • Why these fundamentals will keep your business crisis-free and pumping out real net revenue year after year – even in the face of automation and the ever-changing social media landscape. (28:25)

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