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EP 215: Freelancer’s Journey – Ross O’Lochlainn (The original “entrepreneurial freelancer”)

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EP 215: Freelancer’s Journey – Ross O’Lochlainn (The original “entrepreneurial freelancer”)

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In This Episode

Like so many freelancers, Ross O’Lochlainn was waiting for “just the right time” to quit his job at an engineering firm and strike out on his own full time. 

Then “fate stepped in” and forced his hand. 

Dive into this in-depth review of how Ross has gone from nervous newbie (Phase 1) freelancer, to a confident marketing consultant and respected leader helping business owners shed the roller coaster launch model and transform their businesses into “open every day” revenue streams. 

Plus, the single article Ross penned about how the UFC uses USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) that changed everything in his career overnight.

Listen to Copy CHief Radio #214 Freelancer’s Journey: Ross O’Lochlainn (the original “entrepreneurial freelancer”) 


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