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EP 214: Wisdom Tree – Frank McKinney “I trained my brain to toggle between right and left.”

Copy Chief Radio Ep 214
Copy Chief Radio

EP 214: Wisdom Tree – Frank McKinney “I trained my brain to toggle between right and left.”

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In This Episode

Frank McKinney is one of the most fascinating and inspiring people I’ve ever met.

Considering I met him a few minutes before this interview started, that’s saying something.

This dude defies common titles… 

He’s a real estate artist who’s designed and flipped 44 oceanfront homes at an average price of $14 million…

He’s a philanthro capitalist who’s built 29 self-sufficient villages in Haiti through his charity, Caring House Project

He’s a best-selling author with seven books across six different genres, from motivation to young adult…

He’s an athlete who’s run the Badwater (deemed the “toughest footrace in the world” by National Geographic) ultramarathon 12 times and finished it seven times…

And, I discovered on the call, he’s a copywriter obsessed with “short copy”.

If that’s not cool enough, he lives four houses away from copywriting legend Mark Ford, whom he calls a longtime friend. 

No kidding, Frank’s presence remained with me for days after this interview… not because he’s done so much, but because he’s incredibly open about his shortcomings and how he overcame them to achieve all he has (so far).

His latest book (which he announced with a flaming motorcycle stunt) is Aspire! How to create your own reality and alter your DNA – you can pre-order at

Seriously, listen to it 🙂


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