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EP 209: New Breed: Peep Laja – Human Copy Testing with a New Tech Twist

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EP 209: New Breed: Peep Laja – Human Copy Testing with a New Tech Twist

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In This Episode

Peep Laja has been a leader in conversion optimization for nearly a decade. 

Through the thousands of complex technical tests he and the crew at ConversionXL run, they can pinpoint exactly how your marketing pages are performing, and, of course, what’s needed to make them perform better. 

Of course, “the copy” is a major factor in improving sales conversions… yet, for all the intricate testing capabilities at Peep’s fingertips, understanding exactly WHY some copy converts better and WHAT to say differently remains an elusive puzzle.

That’s because copywriting – how it’s written and received – can’t be determined by AI. It requires real humans giving real reasons why they will or will not take action on the message.  

Now, Peep is solving the “human copy puzzle” by creating a tech tool that makes it easy to get real humans reading and reacting to copy, with specific notes on which parts they’re compelled by, confused by, or make them want to buy. 

It’s called CopyTesting, or was, because when he took it to the market, he discovered some very surprising things about who found it valuable, and who flat out wished it didn’t exist. 

He reveals all in this fresh New Breed episode.


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