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Ep 173: Business Is About Change with Todd Brown

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Ep 173: Business Is About Change with Todd Brown

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In This Episode

“Business is about change. Life is about change. That is the one constant, that things are always changing. 

“Right now it’s being hoisted upon us in a rapid fashion. But change is a constant. And change always happens. And we, especially as entrepreneurs, always need to be, at a bare minimum, willing to pivot, willing to adjust, willing to remain agile, willing to adjust.

“Whether it is with our marketing and the messaging, knowing that markets change, markets evolve. Sometimes slowly. Sometimes quickly. Sometimes products are in a category of one on one day, the next day they’re no longer in a category, and so as entrepreneurs, we’ve got to be willing to pivot and we’ve got to remain flexible in our thinking, in our approach, in our destination even.”

That’s a very fired up Todd Brown preaching the marketing gospel. If you’re done hesitating and waiting to see “how things go,” then this interview with Todd is the rally cry you’ve been hoping for…

Fist-pumping good!


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