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Ep 172: What Comes Next with Dean Jackson

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Ep 172: What Comes Next with Dean Jackson

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In This Episode

Dean Jackson is the kind of guy you want to weather a storm with. 

Not just because he’s super smart and keeps his house stocked with every essential item you’d need to get by in comfort and style…

… but also because his philosophy is comforting in its ability to challenge you with just the right questions to help you find solutions you didn’t know you had in you.

I spoke to him just 5 days into the virus crisis, and this short quote shows you where his head was at…

“What if you focused on upgrading. Upgrading your abilities, upgrading your relationships, forging new partnerships, building new and better ways to deliver a result? 

“We’re talking about mostly marketers who we’re speaking to here. Copywriters, people who are in the business of helping people get more business. 

“So if you spent some time and thought about what 100 business categories or businesses are actually poised to thrive in a situation like this. Then the next level of who’s not going to be affected by this. 

“To start to think and move forward and then ask, who could avoid this? How could we help people avoid or redeploy the assets that they have, moving forward?

Damn. Right? 

This is the GOOOOD stuff.


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