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Ep 174: Freelancer’s Guide to Better Income (Without More Work) with Rachael Kraft

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Ep 174: Freelancer’s Guide to Better Income (Without More Work) with Rachael Kraft

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In This Episode

Rachel was at a crossroads you might recognize…

Rachael Kraft: (06:56)

“So before RFL I was doing mostly health and fitness copywriting and I was managing several different websites where it was just taking care of the content

I’m also a graphic designer, so a large part of my work was graphic design and I didn’t really know where to go with it

I was in a position where I was taking new clients and I was taking projects month by month. I had some retainers, but I didn’t really know what the long term path was going to be for my business. 

“How I can transition to something greater and bigger and something where I could spend less time but make the same amount of income. 

“So essentially what I wanted was a platform where I could start having my own products and my own, my own voice and my own systems.”

Just graduating Real Free Life, Rachael is celebrating “the best income boost of my career.” 

Yes, right now, during the shut-down. 

Listen to this 20-minute call to hear Rachael describe the exact steps she took to gaining the momentum that have her booked up, loving the work she’s doing, and crisis-proofed for the long term. 

I’m there right now…


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