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Ep 168: How, When, and Why To Offer a Coaching Offer w/ Kevin Rogers and Rachel Mazza

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Ep 168: How, When, and Why To Offer a Coaching Offer w/ Kevin Rogers and Rachel Mazza

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In This Episode

Seems like everyone has a “coaching program” these days. 

You’ve likely seen 1,000 FB posts from baby gurus with some modecom of accomplishment that say… “I’m thinking of starting a private FB group where I teach my blah-budy-blah-blah-blah method that is CRUSHING in blah-blah-blah-blah… reply with “I’m in.”

Then, two hundred newbies with raging FOMO reply, “Hellz ya, I’m IN, brahhhhhh!” and now baby guru calls themself a coach/leader/influencer/blah-buddee-blah-boooshiiit.”

I’ve never joined one of these pop-up coaching groups, so I can’t honestly say what percentage actually remain a thing or turn into something useful for the people who join, however, I feel safe saying it’s under 10%. 

Of course, there are exceptions. I’ve seen this same thing done by people who I know have integrity. I’m betting you can tell the difference, too. 

And there IS validity in testing an idea for a coaching group with response on social media. 

The reality is, though, coaching offers should be born of the coach’s PROVEN EXPERIENCE in getting a RESULT… not just once, and not just for themselves… but for other people they’ve taught it to. (Check the bottom of this email for an example.)

If you have this level of experience and are thinking of launching a truly legit coaching program, then today’s episode is for you. 

My partner in Escape Velocity is Rachel Mazza, and today we’re reverse engineering a coaching offer we made recently that sold out 50+ seats and generated over six-figures in 3 weeks. 

This isn’t just about the numbers, though. We’re sharing what went into the coaching to get our students results… how we structured the campaign to offer the coaching… and what will come next as a result. 

You in? 🙂


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