Ep 169: 7th Grade Business Advice

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In This Episode

We talk a lot about “writing at a 7th grade level” in copywriting, which is a test to make sure your writing is simple and CLEAR. 

Last week, a friend’s son named Denver asked to interview me for his 7th grade civics class about becoming an entrepreneur. 

I was happy to help and saw a great opportunity to see how well I could clearly explain business on a 7th grade level. 

Instead of writing out my answers, I recorded a video of myself talking out my answers. There are some solid lessons in here about things I haven’t covered in a solo episode before, like…

  • Why I dropped out of high school and how it became an advantage later in life…
  • Why I started Copy Chief and how I almost lost it after the first year…
  • How I’m able to stay out front as the market shifts and becomes more competitive…

I guess the explanations were pretty clear because Denver wrote just yesterday to tell me he got an A 🙂 on the report. 

Check out the report below:

He did an amazing job of explaining my entrepreneurial journey and what we do in Copy Chief. You can also see the YouTube video in the Resources below.

Hope I made myself clear 🙂


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