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Ep 152: The First 7 Days Formula with April Dykman

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Ep 152: The First 7 Days Formula with April Dykman

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In This Episode

April Dykman has a problem.

More accurately, she has a solution.

An important solution to how businesses can stop wasting money on expensive lead-generation only to completely doink their chances of winning a new customer.

See, as a top-tier direct response copywriter, April knows this happens in the first 7 days of a campaign. 

And no one would argue that. 

First you win attention, then you pile on the value. 

Either this happens immediately when someone signs up to your list and gives you their attention, or your opportunity and your prospect are GONE.

So, what’s April’s problem?

She’s been searching for companies who do the first 7 days really well, and so far she’s coming up empty.

So, this problem is really your big advantage, IF you simply set up your first 7 days messaging correctly.

April is about to show us how…


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